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Product name

PET protective film

Product introduction With PET as the carrier, it is made of acrylic glue series or silica gel adhesive on one side.
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Product introduction


With PET as the carrier, it is made of acrylic glue series or silica gel adhesive on one side.








Membrane switch, 3C supplies shipping, appearance protection, film cutting strip

1. High light transmission.

2. Have better antistatic coating effect.

3. Low cost.

1. Colloid will harden at a low temperature of -15℃.

2.Have a problem of residual glue.

3. Poor ventilation, not easy to attach.

4. The adhesiveness of glue will be increased under high temperature, the viscoelasticity of the adhesive will be deteriorated, with the duslting phenomenon when scraped by hands.



Various screen display surface protection mask mirror, surface glass and other surface scratch-proof, dust-proof and radiation-proof protective masks, optical acrylic sheets, diffusion films, brightness enhancement films for handsets and computers.

1.High ventilation, easy to attach.

2.Resist high and low temperature, without producing glue residues.

3.The flatness of rubber surface is easy to control, with better chemical resistance.

4.The glue has high stability which varies little with the time and temperature.

5.It can be washed with water for reuse.

1. White fog and local degumming problems, silicone oil transfer, etc.

2. Slightly low transparency.


At present, it is mainly used for high-temperature process protection of liquid crystal panels, and protection of shipping of ITO, glass panels and touch panels.

1. High light transmittance, strong weather resistance, no glue residue.

2. High temperature resistance.

3. High cleanliness and strict control of foreign bodies.

4. The product transparency is more than 90%, without the phenomenon of white fog or silicon transfer.

High unit price


Product parameters


Thickness of substrate and glue


Coating composition:

Silicone glue, acrylic, PU glue, etc.


Low viscosity


≥980mm (the specification is subjected to customer’s requirements)


≥500m (the specification is subjected to customer’s requirements)


Transparent, blue, red, white

Finished product inner diameter:



According to customers’ requirements



Mainly used for protection of products during the transportation, various lenses and screen engineering protection, die-cutting carriers for various films and tapes, repast and waste discharging in the electronics industry.

※We can customize various thickness and color, various peeling force release film, or anti-static release film.


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